My full name is Amine Ghouadni and I am currently based in Oran, Algeria.

Web programming first caught my interest nearly ten years ago when I was studying electrical engineering at the University of Science and Technology of Oran. By the time I graduated in 2013, designing and building websites had become more than just a hobby. As I completed my master’s degree over the next two years, I also began working part-time as a freelance developer to help support myself. Once I had my master’s degree, I realized that I was more passionate about the work I was doing as a developer and decided to focus on it full-time.

Today, I have worked with clients all over the world on a variety of projects. In addition to my programming skills, my clients appreciate the emphasis I place on communication. I like to work closely with every client to ensure I deliver the exact product they want, and I am always readily available for the period of our contract to discuss the project. Plus, it helps that I am fluent in three major languages [English, French, & Arabic].

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you would like to discuss how I can help you design, build, or manage your next website or mobile application.

I am proficient with: Kotlin – PHP – HTML – JS – CSS – NODE JS – JQUERY – CORDOVA – APACHE – HTTPD – Android – IOS