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Calling a business? Dialo puts an end to long wait times and never-ending voice menus. When you call a business, Dialo provides a visual menu of the top queries most callers have, making the process seamless for both customers and freelancers. Dialo revolutionizes how you call businesses, by putting the control back in your hands.

You can easily and quickly find the key business information through Dialo too. Key information like store location, business hours, directions, can all be found in one convenient place. You won’t need to browse through confusing websites trying to find basic info.

Explore all the features that the brand new Dialo app has to offer:

SEARCH – Easily and quickly find the business you’re searching for

VISUAL MENU – Easily navigate business information through a visual menu of top customer questions

CONTACT INFO – Contact businesses in whichever way makes the most sense to you, we list all the business contact info in one convenient place – including their social media handles

LOCATION INFO – Find business addresses and get directions instantly with your maps feature

OFFERS & PROMOS – Get access to the latest promotions and offers from your favorite businesses through our search feature

SPEED DIAL – Connect to businesses faster than ever before with our smart and easy speed dialer feature

IVR ALTERNATIVES – Tired of long call wait times and never-ending voice menus and IVRs? Dialo places a business’s most popular customer inquiries in one please, so you can get the info you need faster.
CUSTOM DIRECTORY OF FAVORITE BUSINESSES – Create a directory of your favorite businesses for easy, quick access

Connecting to your favorite businesses and getting the info you need has never been easier.

Website : http://dialoapp.com/

APP : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.myezbz.dialo


Technologies And Skills Included :

Website :

# A PHP based backend with an MVC design Pattern using Codeigniter

# For the front end , used Bootstrap farmework consisting [HTML5 , CSS3]  with Jquery for the JS

Mobile App :

# Cordova Framework which allos to build the entire core using HTML 5 – CSS3 – JAVASCRIPT , also used Bootstrap framework for a more consistent HTML

# MongoDB for data storage for faster reading ops

All the app environment is a Linux Cent Os  based equipped with apache HTTPD server

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